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Our programmes empower pre-school to tertiary level students with the latest and most practical strategies to achieve their full potential, both academically and throughout their life.

As we believe that students are active participants of their own learning, we encourage students to a learning environment where they are able to learn to question, analyze, evaluate and reason for themselves. 


​Our curriculum complements and follows the MOE syllabus closely. Every lesson is carefully planned in a manner that will best allow students to understand and absorb the material taught. Students are also required to practice with challenging questions, as well as questions which are frequently asked in school or in national examinations.


Classes are kept small with a good teacher-to-student ratio for optimal learning. This puts students at ease and allows teachers to dedicate more attention to each individual. Should students still have doubts, they are encouraged to remain behind after class to clarify their doubts. There is NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE for out-of-class consultation.


Periodically, teachers will promptly feedback to parents verbally regarding the learning progress of each student. Through this, parents can assess their children's progress on the various subjects. In this manner, a two-way communication is facilitated. Both the parent and teacher can effectively assist the student to achieve better results. At the end of each year, a Student Progress Report will be given to all parents and it will inform them on their child's whole-year progress. 


Overview of Our Programmes

Kindergarten Programmes

This section is catered specially for young children from 5 to 6 years old. It prepares them for their formal education when they advance into Primary level. 

+ Phonics & Reading (Basic, Intermediate and Advance)

+ P1 Preparation for English and Mathematics
+ P1 Preparation for Chinese



Primary Programmes

This section is catered specially for children from 7 to 12 years old. It is very crucial for students to build a strong foundation in primary school. Our primary teachers are warm, caring and patient and they make it a point to know and understand their students' needs and pace. Our small class size allows our teachers to focus more on each student and understand where their weaknesses lie. 

+ Basic English, Math and Science (EMS Class)

+ Basic Chinese

+ English Creative Writing for all levels

+ Chinese Creative Writing for all levels

+ Math Problem Solving for Primary 3 to Primary 6 students



Secondary Programmes

This section is catered specially for young youth from 13 to 17 years old. Our secondary syllabus is planned in a way to ensure that each and every student is thoroughly prepared for the O-Level and Final Year Examinations. We also understand that a transition from primary to secondary school may not be a smooth process for all. Thus, our group of experienced secondary school teachers are here to guide your child through the most critical times.


+ Basic English

+ Basic Chinese

+ Mathematics

+ Science 

+ English Essay Writing

+ Chinese Essay Writing



Junior College Programmes

This section is catered specially for youth from 17 to 19 years old. One of the common issues that JC students faced is the lack of time to manage and keep track of their studies. Our teachers have come up with solutions to help students grasp the concepts within a shorter period of time. Our team of professional Singapore JC teachers provide the students with numerous tips on acing the "A" Level Examinations. Moreover, students who are not comfortable with the lecture and tutorial system in school will find themselves absorbing much more in our compact classes.

+ General Paper

+ H1/H2 Mathematics

+ H1/H2 Chemistry

+ H1/H2 Physics 

+ H1/H2 History

+ H1/H2 Literature



Holiday Enrichment Programmes

This section is catered for everyone who is interested in the holiday programmes we provide. They normally consist of 4 lessons in the month of June and/or December. Students are able to learn hands-on techniques and apply them in their daily activities or school work. 

+ Work, Eat & Play (Baking)

+ Creative Hands (Art & Craft)

+ Let's be Confident (Speech & Drama/Show & Tell)

+ Chinese Calligraphy 

+ Music, Speech & Movement

+ Financial Literacy 

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